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Shopping Guide

Yes, a girl's best friend has come to Haidee's Maps (and now a little bit more!): The Shopping Guide. I'm aware that another site, Alliance of Minds, has the beginnings of a shopping list, but since 1) it's grossly incomplete and 2) I don't believe the person maintaining the site plays any more, I've taken it upon myself to compile a list. Call me an overachiever, that's ok. Giving credit where credit is due, I did take most of the Things of Note part from BBoBBaBB since I'm too lazy to type up my own version of this same disclaimer.

Important Things of Note
(aka Don't Complain to Me When Something You Bought Wasn't What You Expected)

  • Some stores accept credit only, other stores insist on cash only.
  • For some shops (especially temporary merchants), items can be out of stock.
  • Catalogue prices will VARY depending on your charisma. The price list I have now is from the lowest amount of charisma you can have (3), so most likely you will have lower prices. Traits/flaws have not been taken into consideration.
  • Appraisals for armor does NOT include hindrance and encumbrance information. Please be aware that your ability to use specific armor without any problems will depend on your skill in the armor class as well as your burden capacity.
  • Always ALWAYS ALWAYS make sure you TAP the object you want to before you BUY it to make sure it's really the one you want.

Also note: this is a really new section and there are a lot of stores out there and I'm a lazy person. There are TONS of broken links. Proceed with caution.