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Aelon Tundra Shops

Aetria Supplies

[Forgotten Caverns, Aetria Supplies]
This small, cramped cavern contains what seems to be the equivalent of a general store. Furry animal skins line the floor where the various wares have been set out for display. On top of a wooden crate is what looks like some climbing equipment, while travel supplies and some articles of clothing are spread out on top of a large fur rug.

You also see a wooden crate with some stuff on it and a small rug with some stuff on it.

On a wooden crate you see:
  • some coiled climbing rope - $15
  • a spelunking pick - $68
  • a hard climbing helmet - $107
  • a long-bladed knife with a polished bone handle - $50

On a small rug you see:
  • a pot of homemade dermagel - $8
    A worn paper label lies half attatched to the survace of the rough clay pot. Near illegible scribbles note exactly what kind of healing salve is contained in the pot. There is one application left.
  • some faded skins fashioned into a simple tunic - $45
  • some fur moccasins - $15
  • a rough bone necklace spaced with painted pottery beads - $30
  • a brushed hide kilt with leather cording stitched up the side - $50

Mystic's Abode

[Forgotten Cavern, Mystic's Abode]
Flowering vines cover the walls and floor of this hemispherical shaped cavern all except for a small area in the center where a fire blazes away. An wisened old man sits before the fire, softly chanting strange words that are difficult to make out. Some poorly crafted jalumin shelves hang on the far wall with what look to be a number of unusual items for sale while other items rest on a hide cloak spread out before the mystic himself.

You also see an aged mystic who is sitting, some poorly crafted jalumin shelves with some stuff on it and a hide cloak with some stuff on it.

On some poorly crafted jalumin shelves you see:
  • some dried argurat - $10
  • a bundle of straws - $35
    There are ten straws in the bundle.
  • some aerok jerky - $10

On a hide cloak you see:
  • a small wreath fashioned from brightly colored leaves - $50
  • a finely crafted jalumin walking staff - $500
  • some soft doeskin trousers with tiny white flowers stitched up the legs - $250
  • some rough buckskin trousers with a jagged red zigzag along the legs - $250
  • an ailferton armband engraved with a dual set of moons in numerous phases - $5,000
  • a blank leather score - $10
    It's just blank score, ready to be notated on.