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Spellsong Effects/Locations

This is a list of all the spellsongs in the order you can learn them. It includes which are Performer-only, and those that can be learned by all, where they are sold, and what they look like. Thanks to Nivza for compiling most of this information, to Mickey for posting what order spellsongs are learned, and to Zanquin for telling me when Cook's Ditty was learned.

If anyone knows what Chant of the Great Mother, Dance of Blades, or Mender's Verse look like, feel free to contact me in game or via AIM. My SN is KittCandi

Underlined titles are Performer-only.

Hymn of Balance (Leather songbook – Eolai)
Singing / Self
Increased dancing ability.

Drummer's Dance (Paper chart – Eolai)
Dancing / Self
Increased rhythm instruments ability.

Song of Wind (Parchment scroll – Jaddan)
Winds / Self
Increased wind instruments ability.

Heavenly Song (Yellow folder – Alteri)
Strings / Self
Increased singing ability.

Troubadour's Hymn (Embroidered songbook – Eolai)
Singing / Self
Increased stringed instruments ability.

Song of Protection (Laminated sheet music – Jaddan)
Winds / Group
Increase protection against the elements.

Ballad of the Sentinel (Blue folder – Alteri)
Strings / Group
Increase magic and psionic resistance.

Sailor's Tavern Shanty (Spiral-bound songbook – Eolai)
Singing / Self
Increase fishing, nautical and streetwise ability.

Drums of Fortitude (Smudged scroll – Darju)
Rhythm / Group
Increase poison resistance.

Dance of Temptation (Hand-scribed chart – Eolai)
Dancing / Group
Increase disguise, intimidation and persuasion ability.

Soothing Lullaby (Green folder – Alteri)
Strings / Area Effect
Increase focus, health and stamina regeneration.

Dance of Balance (Parchment chart – Eolai)
Dancing / Self
Improve acrobatics, armor and shield use ability.

Song of Memories (Red folder – Alteri)
Strings / Self
Increase duration of future spell song effects.

Lucky Man's Jig (Elegant chart – Eolai)
Dancing / Group
Gives a small bonus to every skill.

Peaceful Lullaby (White folder – Alteri)
Strings / Area Effect
Stop aggressive actions in the area for a time.

Song of Sorrow (Ring-bound songbook – Eolai)
Singing / Self
Should the performer die while in effect, others nearby will be hear a plea for help.

Melody of Visions (Handwritten sheet music – Jaddan)
Winds / Area Effect
Improve drawing, painting, and sculpting ability.

Battlefield Chant (Fancy songbook – Eolai)
Singing / Group
Improve tactics ability, negates Peaceful Lullaby.

Song of Silence (Leather-bound music score – Jaddan)
Winds / Area Effect
All outside the group become mute - unable to speak, sing, etc.

Aimless Rhythm (Yellowed parchment – Darju)
Rhythm / Group
Improves completely random abilities.

Rhythmic Calcando (Rice paper songbook – NOT SOLD)
Rhythm / Self
Increase performance speed of future spellsongs for duration.

Nature's Song (Roll of brown parchment – Jaddan)
Winds / Area Effect
Improve ecology, handle animal, riding ability.

Cook’s Ditty (Splattered folder - Academy)
Singing / Self
Increase alchemy, and cooking.

Drums of Fear (Stained parchment – Darju)
Rhythm / Area Effect
Induces great fear in all outside of the performer's group.

Dance of Blades (NOT SOLD)
Dancing / Group
Darju racial: Increased bladed weapons, evasion, and acrobatics.

Mender's Verse (NOT SOLD)
Singing / Group
Alteri racial: Increased craftsmanship, repair, and tailoring.

Reel of the Phantom Hunter (Annotated sheet music – NOT SOLD)
Dancing / Self
Eolai racial: Increase ecology, marksmanship, and tracking.

March of Time (Crumpled Parchment – Darju)
Rhythm / Group
Reduce roundtimes.

Dance of Freedom (Laminated Chart – Eolai)
Dancing / Self
Negate ALL spells/psionics on the performer. No effect on alchemy, drugs, or poisons.

Chant of the Great Mother (NOT SOLD)
Singing / Self
Jaddan racial: Increase psionic ability and spellcasting, gain a bonus to max focus.

Housebreaker's Revel (Grey songbook – NOT SOLD)
Winds / Group
Increase appraisal, security, and stealth.

March of the Gold Tree Path (Faded scroll – Darju)
Rhythm / Group
Teleport to various locations.

Empowering Sonata (Hardcover songbook – NOT SOLD)
Strings / Self
Increase capacity for carrying burden.