Haidee's Map Site


January 25, 2009
So it's been a little bit since I've updated or made maps but I just figured with Llanfair blowing up and everything it might help if I mapped HR's new home town. Welcome to Abbindolare. Various maps of the place will be added/edited as I make them so for now enjoy the first 2 tiers. And try not to get too lost.

P.S. Thanks to all the GMs for their hard work. It's HUGE!

June 5, 2007
Thanks to my friend Kian and a bored late night I found out that the sewer map (number 4) needed some updating. Remember, friends, if you find something wrong with my maps don't hesitate to tell me so I can fix it. Considering that map was last updated on 7-10-04 I'd like to state that you all are slacking and I'm very disappointed in you all. *shakes fist*

June 4, 2007
It looks like I haven't been doing a lot of work lately, but it's only cause I've been working my butt off on my little shop inventory side project. You can check it out at HR's wiki. But I finally got around to mapping Scourges cause I was that bored. Check out map 38 when you get a chance.

August 7, 2006
Yeah ok. The Amusement Park is mapped, so check out map 39. Resume worshipping me!

June 1, 2006
Well yesterday I found out that I had completely lost all the information I had for the Central Llanfair shopping list. That made for not a happy cartographer, but what can you do?

I've also updated Maps 1 (Llanfair) and 14 (Chodaku) and daily updating the Shopping Guide.

May 23-26, 2006
Just adding quite a bit of shops to the Shopping Guide, but right now I'm mostly focusing on clothing shops. Here's my priority order. 1) Clothing 2) Weapons 3) Armor 4) Food 5) Anything I missed.

May 17, 2006
Now Haidee's Maps is SUPER officially Maps and More cause I just added (a very imcomplete) Shopping Guide. My brain is fried and I need a nap!

May 14, 2006
Thanks to Zanquin, I was also able to correctly place Cook's Ditty in my Performer section.

May 13, 2006
So you know, not a whole lot of stuff happened... Oh yeah, except this new layout! w00t!! Many thanks to Will (Acosae) for the banner. It looks so good and I can't thank him enough for all the effort he put into it. This page looks a little naked without a lot of updates, but I'm sure it'll look better soon. If not, then...maybe it's time for another layout? Har. Unlikely. Here's a map of Esia Trail, a new patented Osers video game, to tide you over.

That's right, ladies and gentlemen, let's get the hype up for the new area! I'm also thinking of making all my maps look like this. What do you think? Enjoy.

Also added the Performers pages. New things to come!

Added note, please make sure you bookmark http://haidee.haelrahv.net/ instead of any other page since http://www.haelrahv.net/players/haidee/ no longer works with my layout.