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Brief Human History
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 Post Posted: Sun Feb 18, 2007 2:30 pm    Post subject: Brief Human History
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As promised, here's a brief rundown of what occurred before Humans arrived:

The Earth year was 2310 when the Blue Ray left orbit on a routine flight. The power structure of Earth had drastically changed since the 21st century. Globally, countries and their governments still exist but they no longer exert the same control over their holdings. After WWIII concluded in 2136, the world was devastated. Use of the neutron bomb left many cities still standing, but populations were so diminished that governmental bodies could no longer provide the support needed to recover from the devastation. In the aftermath, corporations slowly took control of the remains, sending aid across the globe, helping to rebuild society.

From this reconstruction, three major corporations (Pfizersoft, Yamamoto Technologies and Xuannov Industries) grew and currently exert the true power over the globe through their multinational holdings. These three companies hold 90% of the world’s business. Cities all look the mostly same, cut from the same high rise template of Corp production. Megacorporations bankroll the courts and officials, essentially every aspect of government, making them the true judicial entities. Government officials are salaried to vote for whatever would best benefit their respective affiliate.

Most of the world’s citizens live and breathe in corporate style. People from all walks of life and all professions are employed by these companies, residing in Habitats that have been provided by their employers. Those people who choose to exist outside of the corporations live on the fringes of these cities or beneath them in areas such as the Outlands surrounding New York City or the Bottoms of London.

Space travel, while definitely advanced, has not made any strides towards going outside of the Milky Way. It was more of a novelty for the rich than anything else. Cruise ships to the Moon and Mars have become popular and transport of resources from other planets is also common.

Cyberware is commonplace, not only for those who medically need it, but also for those who just want to enhance themselves. In fact, many of the more physical professions that are not handled by robotics require cybernetics. Those who live in the Habitats have become dependent on Servo robots for most of their daily activities. Servos handle menial tasks like cleaning and cooking and also serve as personal attendants and computers. Citizens are fitted with neural chips that allow direct communications with their aides, although soon even these will be obsolete. Research into brainware has been going on for over 50 years and is in the final testing stages. This would move computers entirely into the brains of each individual. Along the same line, virtual reality is the main form of entertainment and is also being planned for use in the correctional system. The first virtual prison is scheduled to open in 2312, in which the criminal would be punished through a virtual program.
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The Official Haelrahv Message Forum Forum Index » Human Discussions » Brief Human History
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