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Haelrahvian Governments
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 Post Posted: Wed Dec 28, 2005 9:08 am    Post subject: Haelrahvian Governments
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Here's the basics of those in the Llanfair area, more to come in the near future!

- Llanfair is governed by a hereditary matriarch, whose bloodline goes back to the city’s founding. Queen Aersulae Z'dan passed away in 250NC and the city is currently under the control of Prince Aegan Z’dan until Princess Saela Z’dan is ready to take the throne.

- Chodaku also falls under the jurisdiction of Llanfair but has a Mayor to handle the every day decisions. More important matters would be handled by the Prince. All judicial matters are handled by the Llanfair courts.

- Jareya is governed through a chiefdom and Echak is ruled by a similar system. Both are outside of the jurisdiction of Llanfair.
God has no place within these walls, just as facts have no place within organized religion.
--Superintendent Chalmers

Morrigan Blackfury
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Joined: 06 Sep 2002
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 Post Posted: Sun Feb 05, 2006 11:22 am    Post subject:
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Here's a copy of the government book available in the library. Remember this was written a few ages ago, so the above info on Llanfair is more current.

Basic Principles of Haelrahvian Government
Written by: Dagnruj Chavu, Jaddan Historian
Published: 249 NC


I've written this publication for the younger audience or those who are unfamiliar with global politics. I will provide readers with a brief overview of the governing authorities currently established in order to familiarize them with political situations worldwide. Those who wish to study an area in more depth will have to supplement this work with other sources. Also, I've included a current events section at the end of the text since recent occurrences may affect the stability of our political system.

A federation is a union of states in which jurisdiction is divided between a central authority and component state authorities. Currently, this type of system governs the known world. Haelrahv's central authority is called the United Consortium of Nations. The Consortium meets once a year in a different member city to discuss global issues and consists of a representative from each member city-state. Normally, the representative is the ruler of the city or nation, but a substitute may be chosen. The representative has the authority to vote on any issues that might arise. In addition to the annual assembly, smaller ancillary meetings are held between low-level diplomats throughout the year for simple policy discussions.

Now let's take a look at the state organizations. Over the centuries, a handful of cities have grown strong, exerting their influence over other smaller cities and the regions surrounding them. Bosque, Wargale, Abbindolare, Rinth, Esia, Llanfair, Seihao Xa and Besroth have all formed city-states and provide local government for their area. Each locality is independently run and a variety of systems have developed over time.


A city built among the trees, Bosque is home to the Tracker guild and others that share the love of a simple life amidst nature. Populated mostly by the Eolai, Bosque still has close ties with Esia, and treats the Isle as its sister city.

Loosely governed by a Chief Elder, the people of Bosque basically created the position so they would have someone to lead in times of need. Aireonai Ashoe, a Tracker by profession, presently rules over the city.


Established by the Jaddan over 400 years ago, Wargale holds the distinction of being the oldest known city on Haelrahv. Wargale is also the center of arcane knowledge and research, housing the High Schools of the Mages and Psionics, as well as the The Celestial Temple, home of the Guardian order.

Wargale is lead by a triune composed of the leaders of the Mages, Psionics and Guardians. The three members rotate the duty of sending a representative to the Consortium. Currently the triune consists of Nakvomo Bapo, leader of the Guardian Order, Chara Gukakuv, head of the Mages, and Satat Yaroe Rixshoya of the Psionics.


The archetypal post-modern city, Abbindolare is brimming with diversity, sustaining an amalgam of races and professions. It is also the home of the main Medic and Bureaucrat guild houses.

In 23 NC, the Humans established a republic in Abbindolare, and not much has changed politically since then. Every five years the people elect a President to govern the city. A Board of Advisors aids the president in his duty and also has the right to veto a presidential decision should it be deemed unjust. The current president is Charles Hughes, great-grandson of Alexander Hughes.


Rinth is a city of technological wonder, divided into an industrial sector that holds the older manufacturing buildings and the newer, more modern commercial area. The Technician guildhall also claims this city as its home, making Rinth the center of engineering, science and technology.

Rinth is governed by a bureaucratic civil service type system. Everyone claiming citizenship is tested and placed in the position correctly corresponding with their talents and test results. The Head Administrator, whose position is tested for every 3 years, oversees the whole system. Presently, Lih Sheyo serves as Head Administrator.


Settled by the Eolai over 300 years ago, Esia has remained racially pure, inhabited solely by the descendants of its founders.

A council of seven Elders currently governs the isle from its capital Aena Sur. In the past Esia had been ruled by a monarchy, but the tyrannical leadership of King Eseo led to the creation of their current system. Each year, the council selects a representative from among their administrative ranks to appear at the Consortium. Chosen for the fifth year in a row, Irinae Eceol will again speak for the council this year.


Similar to Abbindolare, Llanfair is also a city filled with diversity. In order to preserve cultural integrity of the inhabitants, racial quadrants surround the city proper. Llanfair is one of the more progressive cities on Haelrahv, possessing many of the technological advances available.

Llanfair is governed by a hereditary matriarch, whose bloodline goes back to the cities founding. Queen Aersulae Z'dan currently rules over the city.

Seihao Xa:

Built based on the "Grand Vision" of early Alteri artisans, Seihao Xa has grown to become the center of art and performance in Haelrahv. It is considered by many to be the most peaceful city in the world.

Seihao Xa is governed by a non-hereditary matriarchy headed by the Veicsea, or Great Mother. The Veicsea is a life long position and when one dies, a new leader is elected from among one of the numerous Houses that inhabit the city. The current Veicsea is Sesrei Hiowoh. She has held the title for 20 years now.

The Nation of Besroth:

The Nation of Besroth is comprised of Human only settlements, organized in a loose confederation of varying estates. The largest estate is owned by Abraham Richards, who has built a militaristic compound upon his land. Excluding Darjing, those who live within Besroth are wary of all the other races and mostly keep to themselves. They have joined the Consortium so that they can stay appraised of world affairs and look after their interests.

Besroth has no official government, instead each year or in times of need a "Grand Gathering" is held at the Richards' compound to discuss matters of importance. A Consortium representative is also elected at this meeting.

A few cities have either chosen to remain independent or have not been accepted by the Consortium.


A beautiful beach resort town, Darjing remains autonomous, even though it is considered part of the Besroth nation. Darjing is the only true city established within the nation and concerns itself solely with entertaining its guests, staying out of international politics.

Titan City:

Anarchy reins in Titan City. No formalized government has ever been established and they are not represented in the Consortium. Even though there is no official system, order is still maintained to a degree through the supercomputer. Originally installed to aid the Darju in defense of Tmumgen, the computer's operating system became corrupted when the Humans took control of the city. Consequently, the computer still maintains defensive control, but only over the actual city itself, not the citizens. Thus only one rule holds true in Titan City: Don't damage the city itself. The slightest infraction of this rule causes the central computer to send robot retaliation.


Located just northeast of Titan City, Zriznug has slowly grown from a group of tents into the size of a small city. Tno Rurku, a young Darju popular with the masses, has united the population into the closest thing that the Darju can get to true organization. He hopes to gain equality for his people amongst the other races through membership in the Consortium.

Current Events:

Current discussion at the annual Consortium meeting has been focused on the Darju tent city Zriznug, which has petitioned to become a member. The council has allowed a Darju representative to sit in on discussions relating to that region, but have not allowed them a vote. It is still being debated on whether or not to give them full voting rights.

Wary of the Darju's intentions, the people of Besroth are against the tent city becoming a member. Veicsea Sesrei also opposes the city's petition, as she believes the Darju's violent nature will only bring disaster and ruin to the Consortium. The Triune is split on their decision and Wargale's final vote will depend on who attends the meeting next year. Nakvomo is strongly against the addition of Zriznug to the Consortium. He feels that the Darju's impious attitudes will bring more harm to the balance that has been forged than good. Gukakuv, the first Jaddan woman elected to the position of Archwizard, believes the opposite. She thinks the change will be good. In fact, her coming to power has disrupted the long held Jaddan social order and has created even more tension between traditionalist and non-traditionalist parties.Satat Yaroe takes a neutral stand on the Darju issue; he only wants peace to be maintained. Esia is perhaps the strongest opponent against Zriznug joining. Unable to forgive the past wrongs suffered by their ancestors, the Council vehemently protests the Darju's petition. Bosque agrees with their sister city and also objects to the tent city becoming a member.

Others believe that Zriznug will be a positive addition to the Consortium. The royal family in Llanfair has no objections to the Darju joining the group. They have lived with them peacefully for many years now and do not believe them to be a threat.President Hughes also supports the addition of the Darju in the Consortium. He believes that everyone should have the right to become a member and that they should be given a chance to prove themselves. Head Administrator Sheyo asserts that the Darju would be a good addition to the Consortium as they possess unique skills and ideals that she believes would enhance society.
God has no place within these walls, just as facts have no place within organized religion.
--Superintendent Chalmers

Morrigan Blackfury
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