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Haelrahvian Holidays
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 Post Posted: Sat Nov 12, 2005 6:20 pm    Post subject: Haelrahvian Holidays
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New Year’s Day (Human) – 1st day of Ebeca – celebrates good wishes for the new year.

De Gzukkhe (Darju) – 42nd day of Ebeca - celebration of arrival on Haelrahv (Gzukkhe means escape) and also remembrance of those left behind on Vkeftku.

Xashea – (Alteri) 41st through 49th day of Ebeca - literally “Artist Day” this festival is a celebration of beauty and art. The main celebration is held in Seihao Xa where people from all over bring their artwork, songs, dances, etc to share their beauty.

Ateon Festival (Eolai) – 20th through 28th day of Icorae - celebration of nature and its beauty, combined with a religious holiday revering Ateon.

Landfall Festival (Human) – 75th day of Icorae through 80th day of Icorae – celebrates the arrival of Humans on Haelrahv.

Vaj Dalor Rii (Jaddan) – 67th day of Haju - celebrates Jaddan triumphs in magery

Remembrance Day (Human) – 111th day of Haju - celebrates those who fought to defend the native races on arrival, those who fought to keep the peace and those who are still doing so, and those who died in the struggle.

Shooxeseaii – (Alteri) – 18th of Jojun - literally “party of mothers” - celebration of the mother, both Yeireiro, mother of the Alteri, and their own mothers.

Vaj Satat Urja (Jaddan) – 25th day of Jojun - celebrates tranquility. Jaddan take the time to reflex and participate in calming activites.

Shooxeheili (Alteri) – 81st day of Jojun - literally “party of inspiration”- like an Earth science fair competition, the Alteri bring their discoveries and inventions to be judged.

Areolaianes (Eolai) – 88th day of Jojun - named after the Great Journey it celebrates that journey and their duty as caretakers of Haelrahv. It is their responsibility to be especially friendly to the other races on this day and hardcore Eolai actually travel to an unknown area for the day.

Loshei Festival – First quarter of Arin, although religious ceremonies are held every ninth day – held exclusively on Loshei Island, this festival celebrates the Loshei sisters and the gifts they have given the Alteri. Loshei berries are harvested and made into wine during this fest.

Tmelthe (Darju) – mid-Arin -Annual storytelling contest where Darju brag of their deeds to each other.

De Rhurviv (Darju) – 80th day of Shadan - day of the dead, honor those fallen in battle.

Founder’s Day (Human) – 90th day of Shadan - celebrates the founding of the Consortium and the contributions of Alexander Hughes as well as the other Humans who contributed to the beginnings of Human life on Haelrahv.

Festival of Xashei (Alteri) – 27th day of Xei – celebrates Xashei’s triumph over Siwreix Lil, minion of Yeii.

Christmas (Human) – 80th day of Xei – celebrates generosity towards others, love of friends and family, and the endurance of the Human spirit.

Zuzleme (Darju) – 1st through 8th of Wiv – Darju mating season.

Vaj Bushunovon (Jaddan) – 60th day of Wiv - celebrates perseverance

Rasrei (Alteri) – 117th day of Wiv - annual birthday celebration of all the children born that year.

The lack of Eolai holidays is mainly for the fact that they believe every day is a tribute to their greatness; each sunrise celebrates their life and duty to Haelrahv.
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