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Attn: New Psionics! Psionic Power Critique! (VERY LONG!!!)
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Boi Toi

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 Post Posted: Thu Oct 21, 2004 9:22 pm    Post subject: Attn: New Psionics! Psionic Power Critique! (VERY LONG!!!)
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The most common question that is asked by new Psionics is, "What powers should I research?" It comes right after "Which skills should I focus on?" The latter is easier...but powers are a different story. Yes, it is written that skill based power slots will be vanishing in the future so you only need to go and research a power to learn it, but why do that for ALL of them? Sure you can aim for researching them all, but doing them all will take quite some time and you may not want to waste your time learning a power you may never use anyway. So I have written this critique of the currently available Psionic powers to aid in that.

Please do keep in mind that the only true, factual statements are the ones describing the actual effects of each power. The rest of it is entirely my own opinion based on what I have experienced with the powers, or what other Psionics have told me about powers that I currently do not possess. Also, some of the facts and views expressed here will likely change come certain upheavals in the way things work. I will do my best to update this after said upheaval. Comments about prerequisites and unreleased powers are pure speculation based on information that I have right now, and should NOT be taken as fact. And without further ado...the powers!

**The Incredibly Useful Powers!**
(Or...what you should try to learn first.)
These are all powers that come in handy almost daily, or serve such universal purposes that having them just makes life that much easier.

Telepathy -
This power will allow you to broadcast your thoughts to the surrounding area, or send a private thought to someone else that has Telepathic abilities as well. There is a maximum range to this power (and there will be two levels of range come the spell and powers revamp), but this maximum range seems to be much farther than that of most communicators...even the long range ones. You might think that Telepathy is a signature Psionic power, but this power has been significantly devalued as that because everyone that is capable of having the skills to learn it, seems to have it. But none the less, I can not stress how useful this ability is for communicating over far distances. This should be one of the first powers you learn, if not THE first. This power will be separating into two different powers (Lesser and Greater Telepathy) after the spell and psionics revamp, and is required to learn the rather useless power, Mental Link.

Trance -
Activating this power will increase the maximum focus that you are able to use, as well as speed its regeneration after use. A large portion of our powers are buff types...meaning they increase skills or stats. Given that Psionics have more focus than any other profession, using several of these buff powers will still quickly drain your focus, and this will help you recover that faster. It should be noted that all powers from the Drawing path use a considerable amount of focus to invoke. I ALWAYS use this power before I go into any type of invoking/casting/spellsonging spree. When they are released, Trance will be a prereq for the powers Resist Fear and Iron Will.

Blindness -
Like the name implies, you can remove a person or creature's ability to see for a short time. This will effectively drop the ability of said person or creature to hit you or dodge and block your attacks to near almost zero. In regards to people, it is possible that they can possess a trait that will completely negate this power, and it is utterly ineffective against any creature that has no eyes. I assume it will also not work against any mechanical enemies, if those ever surface. Otherwise the only resistance to this power is Mental resistance, which in the case of a non-Psionic, is usually fairly low comparatively. Only Paralysis is a better way to incapacitate an attacker. This is currently required to learn Paralysis as well.

Paralysis -
This power allows you to paralyze a target of your choice for a period of time. While blinding them still allows them to attack and dodge, however ineffective they might be without their sight, nothing works better than simply removing something's ability to move outright. This can be resisted by Mental resistance, but like I said before, non-Psionics typically have low mental resistance compared to a like-leveled Psionic's mental attack power. Unlike Blindness, this will work on creatures that have no eyes, but will likely not work on mechanical enemies either. I would assume that this power does not work on any creature that lacks a nervous system, but I can not think of any that fit that description off the top of my head.

Attune Eyesight -
Of the stat buff powers, this is probably the most useful one of the bunch. This will increase your perception for a length of time. Perception factors into almost every area of combat, as well as your ability to find hidden people/creatures, track, do certain crafting activities, find treasure on creatures, and even forage and mine. The numerous applications for its use make it one of the first powers you should get. A word of warning; this power will not work if you have cyber eyes. But why do you have cyber eyes when this works better anyway? This power is required to learn the yet to be released power Field of Vision, which is like this power but effects your friends as well.

Spirit Guide -
This power summons a curious spirit to your side, which will follow you around until its time on this plane is up. What does it do? Think Attune Eyesight, but much more powerful. This hefty perception bonus works only for the summoning Psionic, and will only work if the spirit is in the room with you. Keep that in mind if you have one follow you around in a hunting area, as the bonus from the spirit will not be in effect until the spirit actually arrives, regardless of however many things are attacking you. This bonus stacks with Attune Eyesight as well, but does not last nearly as long as that power does. You will have to know Illumination to learn this after the revamp.

Piercing Stare -
An attack power! More specifically, one that does puncture damage, and does several attacks over time depending on your power. Mages do elemental damage, we do slashing, blunt, and puncture damage with our main attack powers. I can not tell you why, but this one seems to be more effective than its slicing and bashing counter parts. It also seems to be used by more Psionics than the other two...and for good reason. If you are going to get any attack power, get this one. Its ability to make things bleed and destroy body parts is quite good. You must know this to learn the unreleased power, Ethereal Lance, which is a more powerful version of this.

Balance -
A stat buff power, but this one does triple duty! It increases your Mentality, Intellect, and Charisma. These three stats are the ones that factor into the size of your focus pool, so that will likewise increase while this is in effect. Also, Mentality and Intellect aid in various aspects of your experience pool and experience gain in general. In addition to THAT, all three stats factor into the power of your powers, spells, and spellsongs respectively. You can probably put this one off for a while and not miss it, but definitely pick it up at some point. Unfortunately, you need to learn Mind Wipe to learn this one...hence the putting it off for a while.

Instant Recall -
By using this power, you can instantly teleport yourself (and only yourself) to any location that you have previously memorized by using Photographic Memory. I do not think I need to expound on the virtues of being able to teleport where you want to and avoid time consuming layovers like boats, canoes, swimming, climbing, or even just really long walks. Unfortunately, most of the other professions seem to be getting teleport clone abilities now, but none the less this is still something that you should not pass up. You should learn this as soon as you have the skill to do so, as it will likely make travel considerably easier for you. You must already know Levitation and Photographic Memory to learn this one.

**The Good Powers!**
(Or...what you can hold off on getting.)
These, while they serve their purpose, are more specialized in their use that you could probably do without them for a while, but may find a need for later in your life.

Call to the Dead -
By sending a call to the spirit world, you can summon spirits that will go to the body of a fallen friend (or foe) and bring their carcass to your feet. The other person must give you consent to do this for them. This is quite useful for getting people quick medical attention after losing their life to some other creature or person. You can also use this to summon your own grave (or someone else's) so you (or they) do not have to run naked through a dangerous area to get your pile of stuff. Since dead people are almost instantly helped and revived by a medic, the grave summoning purpose is almost pointless right now. None the less, aiding the fallen can be quite a rewarding experience...if you like helping people that is. This power currently has no prerequisites, but after the revamp you will need to know Greater Spirit Servant and Bind Spirit, the latter of which has not been released in any form.

Unlock -
By using your mind, you can unlock a locked object, which is usually a treasure box that you got from a creature that you killed. This power will outright not work on boxes made of vyeftium, paraqin, silferton, and nilferton, and will actually work better on boxes made of ocia. In my experience with this power, it works great on creature boxes that are around your own level or lower. The fact that the boxes made of magic resistant metal outright nullify it, and that hunting box dropping creatures is something you do not have to do are the only reasons I do not put this in the above section. If you want to open boxes on your own, you will have to have picks and Locksmithing/Disarm skill to do the magic resistant ones. A big minus you might think, but finding someone to open the few you can not open with this power is not hard. You will have to know Disarm Traps to learn this one, but as that power has not been released this is currently not the case.

Rime Cloud -
This is another attack power, which summons a cloud of freezing air around a target with multiple pulses for the attacks. This power can be negated by cold resistance, and the damage that it does is minimal at best, but it has a chance to stun the target multiple times with one invocation. Blindness and Paralysis are better for disabling an opponent, but this does that job fairly well too. It is not required for anything, nor does it have prereqs, but the multiple stun factor can come in handy. Since this relies more on cold resistance rather than mental, this also gives you a stun ability that could function against someone with great will power, but poor elemental defenses.

Spirit Slash -
This is the slicing attack power. Like all of our other attack powers, this one does damage over time. It works quite well, but not was well as Piercing Stare. Get that one first, and get this one later for a backup just in case you ever find yourself up against something that has some insane piercing resistance. Like Piercing Stare there is an unreleased upgraded power for this one, so you must know this power to learn that one, of course.

Psychic Hammer -
Like Piercing Stare and Spirit Slash, except this one does blunt damage. The same thing I said for Spirit Slash goes for this one. This should be a back up kill something power if Piercing Stare should ever fail you.

Precognition -
Another stat buff power, this one increases your Agility. Agility helps you keep your balance, factors into your evasion, acrobatics, and athletic abilities. Mostly combat related stuff. While stat buffs are useful, this one has significantly less applications than Attune Eyesight does. Being able to avoid getting hit is good, but if you never hunt and never piss people off then you might not ever need this. You will need to know this to learn Blur, once it is released.

Spirit Servant -
This power allows you to call a huge spirit to your side that will carry anything that you give to him. He is transparent, so you can see what he's carrying just by LOOKing at him. Be aware that anything he's carrying when he returns to the spirit world will likewise go with him to the spirit world and never come back. If you should somehow run out of room to hold things in your multitude of containers, he can remedy that for you. This guy will also effectively allow you to reduce your encumbrance since he can carry all of your heavy stuff for you. Quite useful if you hunt things that drop boxes, as those boxes start to get heavy after a while. Occasionally he will get bored and try to open any armed and/or locked boxes he's carrying...even the magic resistant ones! Why is this power here and not in the above section? You can put your extra stuff in your locker. Or...you can simply just not hunt and not worry about encumberance. In addition, this power will be splitting into two with the revamp, a Lesser and Greater version to be precise. The Greater version will be required to learn Call to the Dead.

Telekinetic Leap -
Using this will use the power of your mind to increase your reflexes. More specifically, it gives you a flat bonus of +5 Evasion, +5 Acrobatics, and +15 Athletics. Increasing your power will not increase the bonus, only the duration. This is a power that centers around being able to get out of the way of something to not get hit. If you use a shield or parry as your primary defense, you could probably do without this one since currently only one means of defense is taken into account. None the less, having that added skill just in case is always nice. This power is a prerequisite for the fluffy Levitation power but that might be changing in the future.

Object Reading -
By learning this power, you will gain the ability to SENSE any hidden properties of an object, like magical enchantments and things. While currently you can figure this out simply by wearing/holding said item, that will be going away soon. This ability will also tell if the item effects things that you cannot see by checking skills and stats, such as increasing stamina or health. A very non-universal ability, but being able to see if there is a reason for the ultra-expensive item you want being ultra-expensive can come in handy. If you use this on a treasure box, this will also allow you to see what creature dropped it so you can judge the difficulty. After the revamp, bonuses on the stat and skill readouts will vanish, and this power will become Psionic only...meaning that you will be in demand to sense the powers of objects for others once that happens...you could possibly even charge for it. Heh, heh... This unfortunately requires Mental Link to learn, but that might be changing. You must know this power to learn Sense Traps, which has not been released yet.

Psychic Sight -
This will allow you to locate another person, provided they are not hiding or invisible. To find someone that is hiding or invisible you must also have the "See Invisible" power in effect. This can come in handy if you want to find where your friends are, or find where the person that just bit the dust is now rotting at. How useful that is, is up to you to decide, but it can come in handy now and then. I almost put this power in the "Near-Useless" section for the following reasons: 1) everyone seems to be able to do this and 2) it has only one usage; to find people and absolutely nothing else...but come the power revamp, only Psionics will be able to use this ability. The ability to quickly find and aid dead people will rest solely on our heads after that. This currently has no prereqs, but come the revamp you will unfortunately have to learn Mental Bond to learn this.

Photographic Memory -
You are able to MEMORIZE the details of locations you have visited, but only a limited number. You can FORGET any location that you know at anytime to memorize a new one. You do not need to invoke this power, as it is always in effect once you learn it. This power is utterly useless on its own, but you need to be able to memorize locations to use Glimpse (which has not been released yet) and Instant Recall. As such, you HAVE to learn it if you want to learn either of those powers. How many places you can memorize depends on your Intellect, with you gaining an additional location slot for every 20 intellect you gain. This is essential for two of the cooler powers we have to even work, which is why I put it here instead of with...

**The Near-Useless Powers!**
(Or...things you can likely do without)
These powers are the ones that have such a narrow usage that you could probably never learn it, and not even know that you were missing it. This does not mean that they don't serve a purpose, though...just that their purpose is fairly limited.

Alluring Aura -
Another stat buff power, except this one increases your Charisma. I think more Bureaucrats have and use this one more regularly than Psionics, actually. Psionics currently have no abilities or powers that rely on charisma, and this power will not increase your personal essence in a way to allow you to install more cyber parts (why do you need cyber parts anyway? Our powers work better and do not have costly repair bills). This leaves the main purpose for this power to be increasing the money you get from selling things, or to slightly enhance the power of your spellsongs...that is...if you even USE spellsongs. Getting more money is always good, but you can learn to make a potion that will do the same thing for you if you want to do that. Charisma has more use in Haelrahv than it does in many other similar worlds, but many of those uses aside from the ones previously mentioned here are not entirely clear as of yet. As such, this power can wait for a while. This will be a prerequisite for a few new powers that will be released later, so you will want to pick it up at some point for that, if nothing else.

Illumination -
This power will summon a faint spirit to your side that will provide light for you. This will allow you to operate at night without a perception penalty if you are outside of a city. It sounds useful in theory, but there are several other means to do this, including a potion, certain items that emit light, cyber eyes (but what have I been telling you about cyber parts!), or even by just being a Darju. This spirit will also provide light in pitch black places which is where it does indeed become quite useful, but there are so few of those places that it is not worth it to learn just for use there. Even so, light emitting items will work just fine. To add to that, the spirit is sometimes very slow to catch up with you...so if you are ever hunting in a pitch black area (though there currently aren't many pitch black hunting areas), you are out of luck if something starts attacking you and the spirit has not arrived yet. After the revamp, you will have to know how to use this power to learn Spirit Guide, unfortunately.

Sense Alignment -
You will be able to look at a creature or person and see their aura, which will tell you if they are good, evil, or neither. This power can be negated by another power that is currently not released yet, and can be duplicated by PRAYing to certain gods in an appropriate place. This power is good for those that want to follow a certain moral path, and want to stick to that path. Even so, since alignment currently serves next to no purpose in the game aside from an RP element (that really is not used much), this power is likewise quite useless. The good part is that it does not seem to expend any focus to invoke but does teach a little. Whether that is intended or not I could not tell you. Considering the scope of the power is as narrow as a human hair, I am glad that it does not cost my precious focus to use. In my mind, it would be much more beneficial as a latent ability since it does so little and does not use up focus anyway...but I think something like that should be reserved for Psionics only, and this power is available to everyone. This power might become more useful if it can be used to sense the alignment of items, if item alignment is ever released. You must know how to use this power to learn the unreleased but likewise very limited power, Mask Alignment.

Spontaneous Combustion -
This is like Rime Cloud, except with fire and without the ability to stun. Since it is a heat attack it is subject to heat resistance. It does more damage than Rime Cloud, but not enough to be worthy of your time, honestly. If you want to kill things with your mind, why are you not using Piercing Stare??? I believe that this has the ability to set something ablaze rather than just damage them with short bursts of flame now. Sure, it might be cool to set something on fire with a simple glare, but if you want to torch things, learn the fire spells or buy a flame thrower at the mall. Both work better than this does.

Cleanse -
From the spirit summoning Drawing path, this power will call upon spirits that will destroy all loose items that clutter the room. The items will become energy, which will then be used to restore your own health, focus, and/or stamina. Sounds quite useful and helpful does it not? I am certain that it could be very helpful if you had a room full of crap and you were lacking in some area of your health, focus, or stamina...but therin lies the problem: finding a room full of crap when using this will help you. Combat is probably the best application for this, but creatures currently do not drop their equipment, so it is rather limited there as well. Sure, you could always forage your own junk, or carry around a bunch of it from boxes or foraging, but that will quickly weigh you down. High encumberance is not conducive to staying alive. This power has no prereqs, and is not required for anything else...so if you would like a fancy way to use the DISCARD verb on several items at the same time, feel free to learn this one.

Levitation -
This power allows you to float above the ground. What does this do you might ask? It allows you to climb better (+15 points better to be exact), you will leave no tracks and are therefore untrackable, and other people will see you "levitate" from place to place instead of walking. You will also be seen as levitating in a room, even if you are sitting, kneeling, or lying down! The ability to move about and not have curious strangers track you might be useful if you think someone with malicious intent is after you, but if you never piss people off that point is moot. Since places that require you to climb are few and far between, this power is mostly fluff. Unfortunately, you have to learn this power to learn Instant Recall (i.e. Teleporting!). I would likely not even bother with this one if it was not for that fact it is a prerequisite for the ability to teleport at will.

Mass Levitation -
See above, but extend the fluff-ladden near-uselessness to everyone in your group. Now you can all float around and be happy! Or just float around...that is alright as well. Using this power when a corpse is part of your group will cause the body to float as well, allowing for easier dragging. Call to the Dead completely bypasses the need for dragging though. Since it is not a requirement for any other power and serves almost no purpose but to look cool, I would not even bother learning this one at all until there is actually some need to be floating. Or you and your friends like climbing things. Either way.

Mind Wipe -
This power reduces a person or creature's ability to resist mental attacks. That sounds good right? Be able to use your powers more effectively against creatures (or people)? But in the end, you will find that your powers work just fine without any help. Considering that Psionics can not triple train ANY defenses, our ability to hunt safely is less than that of most other professions. As such, the things you will be hunting will usually be lower in level than you, which means you can probably mind rape them with no additional help from a power like this one. In regards to people, it might help there...but as before, non-Psionics of equal level tend to have fairly poor mental resistance without the aid of spells, powers, or potions, and most armors do not defend against mental attacks. Unfortunately, this power is required for Balance, which is a much, much more useful power. My opinion on this one might change come the experience change since double and triple trained skills will vanish, but I do not foresee it changing too much.

See Invisible -
This power allows you to sense anyone or anything that is invisible in your current area. Note that it does nothing to help you find hidden people in the area. As such, since there are no creatures that use invisibility, only Mages can use the invisibility spell, and you need high alchemy skill to make the invisibility potion...the times you will need to use this power are few and far between. When used with Psychic Sight, you can locate anyone, regardless of if they are hiding or invisible. Even so, you will likely not miss this power. Come the spell and powers revamp, the Invisibility spells will be open to everyone, so this might actually gain some usefulness.

Revelation -
This power allows you to reveal anyone nearby that is currently invisible. For much the same reasons as See Invisible, this serves no purpose most of the time. This might actually be useful if it worked on HIDDEN creatures and people, but unfortunately it does not. The same comments about the spell and powers revamp for See Invisible apply to this one as well.

Mental Link -
By learning this, you can send private telepathic messages to people that do not know Telepathy. It is a latent power, meaning that you need to do nothing to activate it. Thank goodness it costs nothing to use, as this is THE most useless power we have, and here is why. Almost everyone and their gamojab that is of a level higher than six seems to know Telepathy, and anyone is able to learn it by level four if they devote the skill points to do so (strike one!). Sure, new people can not use Telepathy YET, but 99.9999% of the time said new person will have a comm available to them, which is perfectly capable of receiving private transmissions without any research or training necessary (strike two!). If the person is an Alteri, they do not even need to go and research the power to use Telepathy (strike three!). In addition to those reasons against it, come the revamp, skill based power slots will be a thing of the past. This means ANYONE can go and research Lesser Telepathy at their leisure, even right out of the gate...making this even more useless than it already is. Strike FOUR...this one is WAY out of here! You must know this power to be able to learn the unreleased but likewise quite useless power called Mental Bond, as well as to learn Object Reading and a few other more useful-sounding but unreleased powers. Bummer.

Nightvision -
This will cause your eyes to take in more light, which effectively removes the perception penalites from doing anything at nighttime outside of urban areas without a lightsource. This power does you absolutely no good if you are a Darju, or you have cyber eyes...but remember what I have been saying about cyber parts to begin with? While a perception penalty is quite bad since it factors into most aspects of combat (including defending yourself), you could do without this power simply because there are so many other ways to remedy the darkness problem. You could build a camp fire, buy a light emitting item, light a torch, summon a spirit or ball of light through Illumination or that Summoning spell, or even just get a potion that gives you the exact same effect. As I understand it, the duration of this power pales in comparison to the duration of the nightvision potion anyway. After the revamp, you will need to learn this power to learn See Invisible, which might be one of the few that gain usefulness after that event.

**Thanks to...**
Extending some thanks to the following for giving me some feedback on powers: Yaru Dex! Zafri Dda! Glim Faethyn! William Keyes!
Help! Help! I'm being oppressed!

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 Post Posted: Thu Oct 21, 2004 9:38 pm    Post subject:
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**Thanks to...**
Extending some thanks to the following for giving me some feedback on powers: Yaru Dex! Zafri Dda! Glim Faethyn!

...And William Keyes!


Haelrahv Wiki!
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 Post Posted: Thu Oct 21, 2004 10:01 pm    Post subject:
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Good post. It actually gives me a good run down on some things that could be improved (tho certainly I don't think *every* downside listed needs any changes).

Minor point on Mass Levitation: It lets you levitate people in your group of course, and this includes corpses. DRAGging them is much, much easier with this in effect. That has limited usefulness, but it's still another use.
"Wise men talk because they have something to say; fools, because they have to say something." -- Plato

-- Trevor Rage / Rich Mondy
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 Post Posted: Thu Oct 21, 2004 10:40 pm    Post subject:
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Oh hey. I didn't know it could do that. Learn something new everyday. Smile
Help! Help! I'm being oppressed!
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 Post Posted: Thu Oct 21, 2004 11:12 pm    Post subject:
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And, when you're levatating, your feet aren't on the ground.

Monkey Gallery: "So what?"

So, you don't leave tracks. So you can't be tracked. So you're safe from the deadly grasp of people who are good at scouting.
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 Post Posted: Fri Oct 22, 2004 2:48 pm    Post subject:
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Psionics Glim uses most often:

Paralysis(Makes guards a snap)

Blindness(For use against undead)

Telekinetic Leap(Mmm. Bonuses)

Precognition(With Telekinetic Leap)

Instant Recall(What's a boat?)

Piercing Stare(Not used as often as I used to use it, for no particular reason)

Levitation was primarily used to get me onto Mount Tzon.

The only thing Rime Cloud is used against is Counselors. And they've become immune. Bah.

See Invisible and Revelation were purely for killing other characters. Obviously little use in them now.

-Chris, wicked sick at the moment and feeling weird
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 Post Posted: Fri Oct 22, 2004 2:49 pm    Post subject:
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Nice work, by the way, Dante.

-Chris, still wicked sick
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