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Why no revolvers?
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 Post Posted: Wed Oct 03, 2007 3:52 am    Post subject: Why no revolvers?
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I've read a couple posts here about revolvers in which Trevor supplied:

Trevor wrote:
While all handguns pretty much work the same way in terms of usage, they perform quite differently. The reason there are no revolvers is because in a future world like Haelrahv's, it would be like people running around with muskets. This especially given the fact that technology was reinvented so to speak, at an accelerated rate and thus certain technologies could be skipped over completely, if deemed inferior.

I really don't think this would've happened on Haelrahv. Revolvers are the singularly most adaptable handgun we have ... I find it highly unlikely that they will be redundant sometime in the next few hundred years (unless those pulse weapons come out). They will likely have had several changes to their design, but I still don't think they would disappear entirely. Even still, I think the original humans to land here would have re-created the revolver, especially after their 9mm broke and they needed something to defend themselves from the horrid Alteri ass-probes.

While I'm not trying to be argumentative, I would just like to see if there is any chance to rethink this decision. Revolvers are just too adaptable to be completely forgotten, and I think once the humans crashed here and made more guns, they would have likely created a type of revolver for no other reason then they are more hardy then the 9mm counterparts (or whatever they carried on the damn ship). There are less moving parts in a revolver, a boon when you are stranded on an alien planet and don't want your prime mode of defense to break. They are highly accurate (My own personal grouping is about 1 inch @ 25 yards with five shots), they don't jam unless you jam shit down the barrel, and they can fire damn near any round that'll fit in their cylinders.

Most semi-autos today require a specific round mainly for the reason that if you get too underpowered with the rounds, the blowback won't happen (the part where the slide of the gun slips back to eject the casing) and you'll just have a jammed firearm. Not to mention all the springs in the slide housing, gas cylinders, inner barrels, more springs, trigger housing and other mechanical gizmos that could potentially mess up. You don't have any of that (trigger housing excluded) in revolvers.

As for revolvers being inferior ... that could, and I highly stress could, be debatable. Personally, I would rather have a SW Model 696 or 686 at my side then any other pistol (with the exception of a walther p22 ... they're just so fun to shoot). For self-defense purposes, I would bet my life on a revolver because I -know- that those six-ten rounds -will- stop someone (considering they can shoot .357 mags and .44 specials ... *purrs happily) and I know that I won't have to worry about my gun jamming.

Just because of the utilitarian purposes of revolvers, and their relatively simple design, gives reason that the first Human Haelrahvian settlers would recreate this historical classic.

EDIT: Regardless, I'm going to try to get one altered anyways, but I'd still like to see them commonly available. Especially since weaponsmiths are so far and inbetween Sad
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 Post Posted: Wed Oct 03, 2007 8:20 am    Post subject:
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revolver OF THE FUTURE has a drum magazine Very Happy

(i'm all for more guns)
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 Post Posted: Wed Oct 03, 2007 2:21 pm    Post subject:
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I agree 100%! would love to see some wheel guns in the game! Even better more weapon alterations!
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The Official Haelrahv Message Forum Forum Index » Combat & Hunting » Why no revolvers?
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