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 Post Posted: Sun Sep 15, 2002 10:42 am    Post subject: Wargale
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This deserves a little bit of fun trivia.

I started working on computer games when I was 12, writing simple text games in BASIC, which later progressed into Pascal, Turbo Pascal, etc.  In high school, I began working on a medieval fantasy game called "Chivalry".  In this game was a town called Wargale.  I decided to use this name in Haelrahv, just for kicks, for one of our cities.

Wargale is the home to mages, psionics and guardians.  The city itself is more like a quaint village, rather low tech and simple.  While the city itself is fairly small, some of its features are not.

The mage tower is virtually as large as the city proper, sporting three actual towers, observatories, laboratories, classrooms, etc.

Psionics have a school, the Satat Urja School for the Gifted Mind.  It's fairly small but beautiful.

Guardians reside inside a holy sanctum to Jadda.  Jadda is one of Haelrahv's two moons, and is revered by the Jaddan race, who were also the founders of the Guardian order.

The city itself is situated smack in the middle of a large grassland area, in close proximity to some forests, a mountain range and a desert a bit to the south.  Because it is not close to any large body of water, and because it is a low tech location, air and sea travel to Wargale are not possible (with exception of air travel that doesn't need an airstrip or landing spot, like an air mount).  Land and magic means are available, though motor vehicles cannot actually enter the city itself.

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The Official Haelrahv Message Forum Forum Index » Geography, Maps & Travel » Wargale
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